Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Day +50

It's been a while since I've posted an update, but felt like today is a good day to post a milestone. Day +50, halfway to day +100!

Why the long hiatus? A mixture of being busy + procrastinating (lazy lah). Though all in all Min Ser's progress has been good, albeit a few down moments (allergy, itchy, skin peeling) which have now pretty much subsided. He still feels tired some days and can't really exert himself much. His appetite is good, though sometimes his tummy still feels out of sorts. If I were to plot a graph of how he feels in general, the line would go up and down from day to day, but the overall trend would be going upwards.

So yeah, do continue to pray for complete recovery and for him to slowly get back to the swing of things. His blood counts has been good, equivalent to a healthy persons. Doc says the bone marrow graft is strong for his counts to recover so quickly.

Latest results will be at his next check up this coming Thursday.

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