Thursday, 31 October 2013

Day +101

We've passed day 100! This is the first milestone reached! Next would be 6 months!

Min Ser had his bone marrow tap today. This is to draw some fluids from his bone marrow to monitor how well he has responded to the transplant. The test will be able to determine how well Sue Min's stem cells has grafted to Min Ser. Test results should be out in 10-14 days.

His cyclosporine medication was reduced from 200mg to 175mg today due to indication of high cyclosporine levels in his blood test. Too high level is not good for the kidneys and too low level can lead to rejection. Thus the dosage has to be just right for each individual.


  1. Praise God for this milestone. Praying for the next milestone at 6 months. Every healthy day is a blessing from God. Am glad that Min Ser can actually work already.

  2. Thanks Ps Wah Lok. Yes, it truly is a blessing from God.