Thursday, 28 November 2013

3rd PET Scan

Thank God Min Ser is free of the shingles. He has finished his dose of anti viral medication and thankfully it was under control at an early stage.

As of today, Min Ser has undergone a 3rd PET scan at SDMC. This PET Scan will assure us that the 2nd PET Scan results remain consistent. Ie: no more cancer cells or deposits. The results should be out by next week.

Just to note though, Min Ser had some reaction post PET Scan. He was shivering badly and had high blood pressure and slight fever. After taking some panadol and resting at the ward the effects subsided. According to the doctor and nurses at SDMC, they have seen it in post transplant patients before, a possible reaction to the dye ingested during the procedure. 

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