Thursday, 18 April 2013

Day 3 Second Cycle

The past few days has been tough on Min Ser. This time he feels weaker and very tired. He pretty much sleeps all the time. Nauseous and not much appetite, but no vomiting. He has been taking clear soup, milo with crackers, porridge, 100plus and coconut water. He also has stomach ache on and off, could be reflux or gastric related. Slight heart palpitation, but doctor says it is not uncommon after administering the stronger chemo, Idarubicin.

This cycle the chemo regime is 2 doses of Idarubicin 22mg (orange colored liquid) and 8 doses of cytarabine (Ara C) 1500mg, 1 dose every 12 hours. Good thing this cycle is shorter. Four days compared to 8 in the first cycle. Three more doses of Ara C and no more chemo till the next cycle.

He just needs to hang in there.

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