Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Good News

Bone marrow results looking good. No abnormal white cells can be seen via microscope. The naked eye is only sensitive to see anomaly from 5%. A flow cytometry will be able to determine the accurate percentage. Though the chemo regime remains the same even if it is 0% to 1% abnormal white cells.

Regarding his extramedullary tumours (tumours outside the blood), a PET scan will be done after this second cycle to indicate how it has responded to the chemo. The stent inserted in his bile duct is also planned for removal after the second cycle.

What we hope to see after the second cycle is smaller or no more cancerous activities and tumours in the different areas of his body. Ie: duodenum, bile duct, left shoulder and thymol gland.

Second good news of the day. We were admitted to a double bedded ward yesterday but moved to a single bed ward today! According to the nurse, "Sepatutnya bagi orang lain, tapi rasa lebih baik bagi kamu, sudah biasa kan." (The room was meant for someone else, but we felt it better to be reserved for you, since we know you better).

Thank you Lord for your continuous grace and favour :))


  1. All Glory to God!!! Thanks Jen Ling for sharing the good news. Will continue to pray for the Lord's continual healing upon Min Ser.

  2. Be strong my friend Min Ser..
    Wish you for speedy recovery...
    The whole Kumang family members wish all the best...

    Mamu (Khairul Izham)
    Ex-Kumang office mate seating side by side desk in Pasir Gudang for almost 3 years