Monday, 16 December 2013

Mid December Update

It's been two weeks since Min Ser has been commuting to work. And so far so good. Mentally and physically, he is able to keep up with the work load. He has even started playing ping pong again (there's a ping pong table at work). He can now 'tahan' through 3 games and sometimes manages to win one (or two). He is eating well and sleeping well.

Some have asked me when will you know he is clear and well. Well technically, he is already cancer free, and well. The key is now the milestones. The longer he stays clear, the higher chance the cancer will not return. So we will celebrate each milestone. 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, and 10 years. By ten years, his odds of relapse will be as like any healthy person.

On my end, I've been working as a Real Estate Negotiator/ Property Agent since November. I've set up my own website at, and I also market on our popular Malaysian property sites. It's almost two months in now. There's been numerous viewings, many new places, and I've met so many new people! It's definitely a very interesting venture, albeit one that requires much patience.

Many have asked me why real estate, I mean... graphic designer to real estate negotiator? I'll say why not? The decision was to start from scratch picking up clients and projects as a freelance graphic designer, or to venture into something new. Though that being said, a graphic designer's skill set is never wasted, it really can be used in essentially any industry. For me, it has been an important arsenal for marketing and advertising properties. 

In addition, I'm ok meeting new people, I already like viewing houses, I don't mind travelling, I am relatively patient, I don't give up easily, plus the flexible hours still allows me to take care of my 2 plus year old daughter. I just have to work out an arrangement for someone to take care of her when I have appointments. Almost two months in, no regrets. I'll take each day as it comes, and see how it goes from here. Wish me all the best people! : )

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  1. Hi Min Ser and Jen Ling!

    Sending you blessings from Hong Kong as you welcome the new year - a year full of God's blessings.

    Jen Ling: thank you for faithfully updating us about Min Ser and your family's journey. It is really good to see how God has been with you all this time and praise Him that Min Ser is on the road to full recovery. Kudos on you taking a step of faith and venturing into something completely different. I used to study with Min Ser in engineering... but now I'm 2.5 years into teaching and I don't have any regrets either. It's definitely the road has called me on. Keep looking to Him in everything and please say hi to Min Ser for us!

    Much love from Sam and Stephanie.