Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Moving On To 2014

Post two new year celebrations, and I'm finally updating this blog again. Sorry for the long hiatus, some may be wondering how things are. Haha, hope you'll all agree that sometimes no news is good news.

Thank God it's 2014. Sometimes the events of 2013 seem so unreal... and yet it was the total opposite. The anxious moments, the long hours in hospital, just waiting, hoping and letting each day pass, praying that tomorrow will be a better day. It was all too real. Yet now that it's 2014 and being able to see things in hind sight (as Min Ser's condition improves day by day) we are somewhat thankful for the experience. It helped us to see life in a more balanced perspective, just to be thankful for simple things like... life, family, and friends. A reminder not to fret the frivolous things, do our best in all that we can, and then just live life because really, some things are just out of our hands. It's times like this it is comforting to acknowledge that there is actually a God that is good.

Min Ser has thoroughly enjoyed the Chinese New Year celebrations this year. Eating and just chilling out. To think it was exactly the same time of the year, last year, when the whole hospital episode happened. He is truly thankful to be able to celebrate CNY this year.

As of today, he is still taking anti rejection medication twice a day a.k.a cyclosporine 1.25mg per dose. Slowly tapering off, but it will take time before he will be completely off the medications. Min Ser's next check up will be next week, 13th Feb. Another bone marrow test will be done to check the progress of his transplant. Praying for good news again!


  1. Happy new year Jen Ling! Glad to know your family is doing well, hope this year will bring your family lots of good news :)