Tuesday, 25 June 2013

BMT Schedule

Dear family and friends,

We attended a counselling session at Ampang Hospital today, to prepare everyone for Min Ser's bone marrow transplant. 
Was a very informative session with a lot of details, will try to summarize below:

12 July
- Admit to Ampang Hospital Transplant Ward (Ward 7D)
- This is a special ward in a highly controlled environment; even care-givers cannot use the same toilet as the patient, and cannot eat in the same room
- Anyone entering the ward has to go through 2 checkpoints, must wear a mask and apron, and change their shoes
- Strictly no visitors allowed; only one immediate family member at a time
- Food brought in from outside the ward needs to be checked by the nurses
- Because of the severity of the transplant regime, there will be one nurse dedicated to 3 patients max (this is even better than most private hospitals)

15 July
- Consultation and preparation for radiation therapy at KL General Hospital
- Interestingly, Min Ser won't be able to use soap or any lotion for 2 weeks (to avoid any skin reaction due to the radiation exposure)

18 July
- Insertion of Hickman Line in Min Ser
- Will be used for the next 3 months; inserted near his neck and used for all IV purposes

23 to 25 July
- Commencement of radiation therapy
- Will be a full body irradiation, so expected to have quite strong side effects

26 to 27 July
- Commencement of high dose chemotherapy
- This will be the last and strongest dosage (to date) that will permanently destroy his stem cells, just prior to the transplant
- Praying that Min Ser won't have too severe side effects...most patients do

25 to 28 July
- Preparation of donor (Sue Min) for stem cell harvesting
- She will be taking GCSF shots daily to increase the body's production of stem cells

29 July
- Bone marrow stem cell infusion
- This is the actual 'transplant' of Sue Min's stem cells into Min Ser
- 3 million of Sue Min's cells will be harvested in the morning, and if all goes well, will be transplanted in the afternoon to Min Ser
- Successful grafting of the donated stem cells will be the only way for his marrow to start producing blood again
- The following 2 weeks will be the most high-risk period
- Main focus will be to combat infection and to prevent rejection of the donated cells (GVHD: Graft Versus Host Disease)

Mid August
- Expected date of discharge from hospital (if no complications)
- Strict quarantine at home for next 3 months (still high risk of infection and GVHD)
- No exposure to direct sunlight (apparently UV rays can trigger GVHD)
- No exposure to crowds (visitors discouraged)
- Visit hospital twice a week for tests and monitoring

Mid November
- Critical period over; visit to hospital once a week for next 3 months
- Recuperation of cells expected, and immune system starts strengthening
- Visitors allowed at home, but monitored

Mid February
- Hopefully back to 'normal'; visit to hospital once a month
- Low risk of infection and GVHD at this stage


  1. Good luck Min Ser!! Stay strong through the journey and know that there's a bunch of us praying for things to go well and for you to have a speedy recovery! :)

  2. Good luck Min Ser...will pray for your success and hope things go well..

  3. Min Ser and family stay strong!!! We're all praying for your health back! We're all waiting patiently for your good news. :)

  4. thanks for the updates, will continue to keep everyone in prayer !!

  5. Praying for you Min Ser.. that everything will go smoothly as planned.
    God bless you and take care!