Friday, 14 June 2013

End of Third Cycle Chemo

We are finally able to leave the hospital today. Min Ser's blood counts are recovering and he was discharged today. So yeah, we've successfully gotten through the 3rd Cycle of chemo!

What this means is that we will have a few weeks break before going back mid July for the next crucial stage that is THE Bone Marrow Transplant. In preparation, he has had his lung function test and dental check up. We will be going into Ampang Puteri for a scheduled echo test on Tuesday and then a counseling session (25/6) regarding transplant week after next.

We will find out more regarding the transplant from the counseling session, but from what I understand there will be a few days of conditioning which involves high doses of chemo that will severely wipe out/weaken his stem cells allowing engraftment of new healthy stem cells (from Sue Min). According to one of our doctors this procedure will take an average of 3 months where he will be strictly observed and given immunal suppressants and anti rejection drugs.

Even now our prayer is that the grafting of new cells will be smooth and successful without severe reactions. After the 3 months he will be able to slowly recover and get back to his daily activities, though the one year period after the transplant is also a very important time frame, as this will be the real test as to the true success of engraftment.

So do pray for us (prayer request updated here) as we continue to take this journey one step at a time, each day as it comes. To date, I am just truly thankful that we have gotten to this stage by God's grace and with the strong support of friends and family. It is encouraging whenever we get random messages reminding us that we are remembered and that you all are praying for us.

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