Saturday, 8 June 2013

Third Cycle Day 16

Chemo day cycles are based on the 1st day of chemo. Thus it's day 16 since chemo started. First 5 days of chemo, day 9-10 the counts will start dropping, day 13-14 counts will be at the lowest, and by day 15-16 the counts should start going back up, platelets usually the last. By day 21-23 most people would be able to go home. Though with a higher dose regime, there will be more days with low blood count.

We have yet to see his counts since two days ago, when his counts were all low. White blood cells counts were at 0.0. He has been having fever of varying temperatures in the past three days with no signs of infection. Medication consists of the usual paracetamol, antibiotics, anti fungal and shots of GCSF.

Physically he is tired but mobile and able to eat pretty well. Doc says it's likely it'll take another week till the counts are considerably normal.

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