Tuesday, 23 July 2013

1st Day Radiotherapy

First of all thank you all for your prayers for us and Sue Min too. She has recovered and will be coming into hospital this Thursday for her first GCSF shot, and will be traveling to and fro from home daily until Sunday, when she will stay over for the transplant on Monday. Some of the side effects of the GCSF shots are body aches as the body is stimulating production of stem cells. Pray that she will have safe journeys to and fro from home to hospital, and she won't experience the aching side effects.

Today was Min Ser's first day of radiotherapy. We arrived Hospital KL at 8.30, and his first session of radio was from 9.30-10.30. Though according to Min Ser total exposure time (to radiation) was approximately 10 to 15 mins. There are 2 sessions a day, 6 hours apart. So in between he has a make shift room and bed to rest in.

The effects of radiotherapy was very evident and quick. Right after his first session he felt really weak, had a bad headache and was nauseous. He had to lie down (though couldn't really rest due to the headache). He says it was worst than chemo, especially since he could feel the effects so quickly. It seemed like 10 mins of radio felt as bad as 3 days of high dose chemo. With 2 days (4 sessions) to go, pray he will have the strength to go through it and that he will recover quickly in between sessions.

He managed to catch some rest before dinner, ate a fairly decent amount, and mentioned he felt slightly better, but still very tired. He's resting again now.

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