Saturday, 27 July 2013

Last Day of Chemo

As of today, Min Ser has gone through 6 sessions of radiotherapy and one dose of chemo (cyclophosphamide 4300 mg). This afternoon will be his last dose of chemo (post transplant will only be little doses of chemo via syringe).

He is perpetually nauseous, weak and tired. No desire to eat much, but he still tries to drink soup, choc milk, eat some nestum and apples (peeled).

He has vomited 3 times since radiotherapy started. In comparison, he has only vomited once during the first 3 cycles. He did not sleep well due to the nausea. We have asked doc to prescribe sleeping meds for tonight. Hope he can rest well and stop feeling nauseous.

There will be no chemo tomorrow, just rest and wait for the transplant on Monday (that is if they manage to collect 3mil - 5 mil stem cells). 98% of the time it'll be enough. Usual collection is 7-8 mil. The last collection they had was a record 20mil! Seems he was a big guy and maybe a bit overdosed on GCSF.

So ya, lets pray for enough stem cell collection and for Min Ser to stop feeling nauseous so he can rest and eat well.

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