Monday, 29 July 2013

Still Waiting

There's no transfusion of stem cells/ transplant today. Sue Min has to stay another night for a second collection tomorrow. Collection amount was 3.27mil stem cells, but for Min Ser they want to target for at least 5mil stem cells.

The stem cell collection process was about 5 hours which consists of 12 cycles. Sue Min had to be bed ridden for that time frame where the machine collects certain amounts of blood from her femoral line, separates the stem cells and return the other parts of the blood to her. She is feeling ok but tired.

Min Ser is doing better the pass two days. Less nauseous, able to eat decent amounts, and his counts are still not that low yet. So yeah, so far so good. Just need another 2 mil stem cells tomorrow!

Good job Sue Min, you can do it!

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