Monday, 11 February 2013

CT scan and prognosis

He's been on slight water and drips since yesterday afternoon. He now has to drink 3 cups of water to undergo CT scan. Must be so uncomfortable. Poor dear felt so bloated after the procedure. It's like the MRI machine you see in the movies. His only complaint (besides the bloatedness) was that the hospital was using a competitors product. "GE one better". Ok, if you say so dear.

Based on CT scan results. There is no obvious blockage (tumour or stone) in the bile duct. Nothing in the gallbladder, nor is there any mass pressing in from the outside. The only cause could be something IN the bile duct. We were presented with 3 possibilities:-

1. Tumour
2. Tibi in the bile duct
3. Autoimmune pancreatitis

A Dr Krishnan, Liver Hepatic Biliary specialist from Selayang hospital (apparently it's the leading hospital in Malaysia for liver ailments) will be consulted on his thoughts.

We were visited by Dr Krishnan, and he ruled out option no 3 (the stricture was a bit too high in the bile duct). No 2 was very very rare, but a possibility. No 1 is most likely (if Min Ser was 60 years old, he will say it was without a doubt, and would suggest surgery.)

But because of the situation (Min Ser being 30 years old), we were presented an option of a relatively new procedure using a spyglass. A scope within a scope (ERCP), a tiny camera which would help give better on light on the lesion. There are only 2 hospitals in Malaysia which has this equipment, and Selayang is one of them.

We agreed without a doubt. We were hoping for a diagnosis that would prevent surgery.

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