Thursday, 21 February 2013

Spy glass

Selayang Hospital and SDMC is really different. Finding a parking in Selayang Hospital is difficult, the wait is long and the professionalism is lacking. Yet, the experience is balanced off by the slight 'entertainment' provided by the people in the waiting room and nurses. Haha, maybe I'll post more details on the comical side of things, on a later date.

We left home at 6.30am and arrived Selayang Hospital slightly before 8am. Min Ser entered the preparation area at 10am and procedure started at 11.30am. By 1pm the procedure was done, and by 4.30pm he was wheeled to his ward. All in all, a smooth procedure.

Both Dr Sharmila and Dr Krishnan concur that the lesion in the bile duct area and the duodenum look similar through the spy glass. Brushings of the bile duct and a 2nd sample of the duodenum ulcer was taken. Our appointment for haemotologist Dr Haris was set for Sat morning. If we were to rush the samples to pathology in SDMC in person, we will be able to get the results out by Friday. We realised what takes 2 days for results in SDMC will take 2-3 weeks in Selayang Hospital. Though the procedure which cost us 8k+ in SDMC, costs us RM300 in Selayang (and this is with the spy glass procedure included). If we had a government clinic referral, it would have cost us RM30. The disparity is alarming, it seems that every citizen in Malaysia will be able to receive adequate health care, if they have the luxury of time.

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