Sunday, 10 February 2013

Feeling the love

All the drama has only started this past 2 days, but we already feel all the love and prayer support from friends and family. We only told a close few, but yeah, word gets around.

We always knew that we were loved, but it's in times like this, we know just how much. God has been good to us, we are constantly reminded of his character and that he loves us. But it is really through people that his love is manifested.

There's still a lot of uncertainty. We hope for the best, but also preparing for... not the best.

As of now, Min Ser prefers to rest and not to have visitors. He's still reliant on drips and painkillers for relief. He can now drink more substantial liquids like Milo and soup. Praying he recovers quickly. He needs to recover before he can undergo another procedure like the spy glass. Meanwhile biopsy results of his duodenum is still outstanding. It may only be out next week as it's still the long holidays. Sigh...

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