Saturday, 23 February 2013

Enjoying Selayang Hospital

Hmm... never thought I'd use the word enjoy and hospital in the same sentence. But Selayang Hospital has a beautiful private ward (bayaran penuh). It's almost like a hotel. The single room is huge, and there is a complimentary guest bed for sleepover (which is comfy!). More than double the size of SDMC and almost half the price! Malaysia boleh.

We are just taking this time to rest, and taking a break from all the nonsense (yes, it still doesn't make sense why this is happening). Min Ser is still being held for observation as he has fever fluctuating from 37.2 - 38.9 celcius. Nothing alarming, just precautionary measures.

It helps that Min Ser's aunt stays just a stone's throw away, and she has been kindly cooking most of our meals (sadly, the hospital food in selayang is not very good). Again, we are so thankful for our parents and relatives. And the constant smses from friends. It is so encouraging to know we are remembered and that many ones are praying for us.

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