Friday, 16 May 2014

Admitted Today

We're in the hospital now, just admitted. The hospital arranged a nice spacious single bed room in ward 8B for Min Ser.

A femoral catheter is now being put in place to easier deliver chemo and meds as his peripheral veins are shrunk due to the previous rounds of chemo.

Thank you for all the prayers support and love. We know it's sad news for many as well as he was doing well, and the turn of events is really quick sudden.

It's a tough time for us as a family and different ones are helping in different ways. My parents are taking care of Jo to free Min Ser's parents to visit everyday if they want to. Needless to say, they are taking it the hardest. As a parent myself I can truly understand. Our children will always be our baby no matter how old.

Though the situation seems grim, there is always hope and God has personally given me the peace that everything is in His hands, and we will be ok.

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