Thursday, 1 May 2014

Jaundiced again

We are now in hospital. Min Ser is currently resting from some procedures done. What brought us here? Well continue reading...

Min Ser presented signs of jaundice last weekend. This was how we discovered the tumour related to leukemia last year. So on Monday, we went to Ampang Hospital for a blood test & liver function test. Blood test result were normal, but liver function test confirmed that there is something causing the jaundice. Dr Chang mentioned that we should get an ultrasound done, and probably an ERCP (scope) to insert a stent and collect biopsy samples of affected areas. We decided to do these procedures in SJMC as the earliest ultrasound slot in Ampang Hospital was 7th May.

Min Ser was admitted to SJMC on Tuesday morning, having made an appointment with Dr Sharmila (the gastroenterologist we consulted with last year). An ultrasound and CT Scan was done. The scans show that the bile duct was indeed tight causing the ducts in the liver to be dilated.

An ERCP was done yesterday, stent inserted, and biopsies taken. Biopsy was taken from the bile duct area as well as the stomach. The stomach didn't look healthy. It looked raw and inflamed (I watched the video of the procedure. I'm not a doctor, but can tell that it doesn't look good) over isolated areas.

After the ERCP, Min Ser was in quite a bit of pain due to the stent. He was given painkillers, but as a precautionary measure an X-Ray was taken. 1 of the 3 X-Rays initially indicated that there may have been a perforation in his stomach/intestine caused by the procedure, which would unfortunately require surgery to stitch back. Thankfully after a follow up CT Scan, the scans shows that there was no hole, so no surgery required.

As of today, the results and the procedure has been somewhat similar to what we underwent last year. The only difference is that his stomach is effected. We can only wait for biopsy results to be out earliest tomorrow, or Saturday.

If it's tested positive for myeloid sarcoma, that would mean there has been a relapse (seems it's still possible to have an extra medullary growth before it is detected in the bone marrow). In this scenario steps will be taken to get back into remission. If the test is negative, then an EUS may be scheduled for more biopsy samples to be taken to diagnose the problem.

So now, just rest, wait, and pray for the best results.

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