Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Not so good news

I have some bad news. Min Ser's leukemia has relapsed, and quite aggressively too. 35% in his bone marrow since a month ago when it was at 0%.

We met with the doctor today at Ampang Hospital and the steps to remission are basically chemo first and then another transplant from a new donor. Conditioning pre transplant has yet to be decided as Min Ser can't take another total body radiotherapy. Chances of remission post 2nd transplant are 20-30%.

Min Ser has decided to go ahead with chemo first. We've pretty much prepared for the bleak possibility that he may not make it to full recovery, but also hoping for the best, knowing God has and can perform miracles.

Min Ser will be admitted sometime this week or early next week.

Do keep us in prayer:-

1. That Min Ser will make it through the cycle of chemo. Stronger then previous cycles. If mortality rate then was 5% now will be 10%. When before, recovery for his blood counts would take 2 weeks, this cycle will take a month.

His body is also weaker now with persistent cough and his platelet count has also been dropping. We asked if it would be advantages to wait till he recovers before going for chemo, but due to the aggressiveness of the leukemia, he may not recover significantly. Doctors suggestion is to do chemo as soon as possible.

2. To find a full bone marrow match amongst the International community. Preferably somewhere within the region. Ie: Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong or China. The percentage of finding a full match is 50%.

3. Doctors to come to an accurate decision on conditioning treatment needed for bone marrow transplant.


  1. God will make a way when there seems to be no way. Keep pressing on! We are praying for both of you!

  2. Me and my family are keeping you and Min Ser in prayer. Take care...

  3. I'll be keeping Min Ser and your family in my prayers. Fight on with courage and faith.