Saturday, 3 May 2014

Still Undiagnosed

Biopsy result for the samples taken on Wednesday came out yesterday. There is no signs of tumour cells, but the mystery causing inflammation in Min Ser's bile duct and stomach is still undiagnosed. The only thing noticeable is that there are a small amount of lymph nodes near the bile duct. Though it could even be lymphatic vessels (not very clear from the CT Scan). There is also slight thickening of the stomach lining.

Initially the next step was to conduct an EUS — endoscopic ultrasound to collect better tissue samples. But the plan has been revised to have a PET Scan first Monday morning. This will help isolate the kind of lymph nodes there are. An EUS may still be needed, but that is pending on the PET scan results.

So yes, it's still a mysterious ailment at this point. The doctors have yet to rule out a relapse, and are also keeping TB in mind.

Min Ser has been having slight spikes of fever. He also feels hungry often, but can't eat much at one go. He finds it hard to sleep at night as he is itchy as he has been having skin problems even before this incident (previously eczema now some slight fungal skin infection), but jaundice has also been known to cause itchiness.

He is now on antibiotic drips, panadol, anti-fungal cream for the skin, and the usual cyclosporine.

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