Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Day 18 of Chemo Cycle

It's been 18 days since chemo started. Min Ser's blood counts are at the lowest, been so for a few days now. It is expected due to the strong dose of chemo and his counts may take a week plus to come back up. We also notice his hair starting to drop today.

He's been having platelet transfusions almost every other day and blood transfusions too when needed.

He has been having fever for the past few days though on antibiotics and anti fungal. Doctors are monitoring for signs of infection with blood cultures and also monitoring antibiotic levels (so they do take blood pretty often).

So far no obvious signs of infection or chemo effects as he can still eat and sleep relatively well despite the fever. He is coping pretty well actually. If he is not sleeping, he spends time reading the bible. He has almost completed the NT, now running through the gospels. He also plays games on his iPhone.

So nothing much to do now besides wait, pray and hope.

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