Monday, 23 June 2014

Day 38 - fungal infection

Latest blood culture shows signs of yeast, ie: a fungal infection. The infection can effect major organs (liver, kidneys, heart) or the eyes. An eye check will be done today and a CT Scan tomorrow. Treatment of anti-fungal meds is based on severity. It can be anytime from 2 weeks (no infection in organs) to 2 months (infection in organs).

He still has fever on and off even though he is on paracetamol every 6 hours. When he does not have fever, it's a good day, and he feels fine and can eat. On high fever days, he will just want to try to sleep. Yesterday was a good day. This morning, not so good, with temperature of 40.8C

Based on today's blood counts still no change. Overall white blood count is 0.2, and Neotrophils are at 0.0

Continue to pray for recovery of Neotrophils & no fungal infection in his organs.

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