Thursday, 12 June 2014

Stuff I do in the hospital

This has been the longest chemo cycle yet. It's rare to not have progress in his counts for more than a week.

I've been pretty much living in the hospital. I've been sleeping here and bathing here since two Sundays ago, having taken a break day last Friday.

Initially on the first 2 week, I had two break days a week, but lately our other caregivers are either busy or not feeling too well.

But the way I see it, any break day at all is a bonus and not given. Primarily because there really is no one else who should have to play this role. As a wife, when I vowed to be true in good times or in bad, in sickness or in health, I should very well mean it. Plus Min Ser is most comfortable with me around when he is feeling really crappy.

So anyway, this post is about what I do in hospital as I get asked this question pretty often.

Well, besides the caregiver role like making drinks, feeding the drinks, helping him change and towel down when feverish, monitoring his drips to call the nurse once it's done, fetching and cleaning the urinal when he needs to pee, supporting him to the bathroom when he needs to go...

I also still try to do some work. I market the properties I have on hand and have helped clients access their financial ability to take a mortgage. But... needless to say, I had to intentionally slow down especially when it comes to servicing new property marketing leads. But I still managed to arrange a couple of viewings since I've been here, as and when it lands on my break day, or when Min Ser's dad is in the hospital, and I can go out for a bit. On break days, if there are no viewings, I will spend time with Jo.

Besides work, recreationally, I read; The Bible, books, websites, Facebook articles and posts (hmmm... does FB count as reading)?

I watch videos on YouTube. I also play the occasional games on my iPad.

I've also been updating my social networks on Pinterest, Linked-in, and may consider reviving my Instagram and Twitter (hmmm... is it considered reviving when it has always been pretty much dead).

So... recreationally, I'm basically doing stuff I don't easily get to do on a regular 'working mum who takes care of her own kid' days.

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