Thursday, 12 June 2014

Day 27 - Pray for white cell counts

In this ward, blood test to monitor cell counts are taken on Mondays and Thursdays.

As of today, his counts are still low. His white cell counts has been 0.2 since last Thursday. Normal count is 4.0 and above. So no progress in the past 8 days. It is imperative for white cell counts (especially the neutrophils) to increase in order for overall blood counts to recover.

Once his white counts recover, his femoral line can be removed.

Min Ser is also feeling quite discouraged as he feels horrible. He has been trying to be positive but today is tough, especially as his white counts has no signs of progress.

He has been having fever almost everyday for more than a week (range from 37.7 - 39.7) and finds it hard to rest especially at night so he tries to sleep most of the day.

Today his throat is very dry, and he coughs at night. He doesn't feel like solids now and will just drink Ensure or other fluids. His taste buds are gone, food has no taste, except for slight sweetness.

His calf muscles are cramp and he cannot walk, and hurts at times when he moves his legs. He also has mild spots of gangrene and candidiasis. Docs are aware and is covering with lots of antibiotics and anti fungal meds.

So that's his condition as of today. Thanks for all your prayers. Today onwards, primarily pray for his white counts to go up. The blood test will be taken again on Monday. Thanks!

Below is Min Ser's prayer request yesterday, which explains some other details:

Discovered a fungal and bacterial infection in my blood that's causing fever and minor gangrene in legs and some skin swelling.

These specific infections tend to colonize the IV tube that is inserted into my inner thigh (there is a layer of bio-protective gel that prevents the medicine from reaching the bacteria/fungus).

The IV tube is needed to administer antibiotics and blood transfusions. A new tube was inserted on Mon, but it's a matter of time before new one gets colonized again.

The best solution is for my own white blood cells to start multiplying again to fight the infections. Interestingly, the doctor today told me with a smile to say a big prayer for my white cells to come up :)

Thank you.

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