Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Last Post Moving Forward

Well, this is my last post for this blog. This blog was started to chronicle our journey as a family. Battling AML, trusting that Min Ser will recover physically. And he did, for a while. We had an extra 8 months with him. Though he was weak and tired quite often, it was good times.

I was considering how to end this blog, and I want to focus on the word "Recovery". And this, I believe is the most apt definition.

Recovery: Restoration to a former or better condition

Min Ser has been restored back to our Father, he has returned to where he came, and he is now in a much better condition. He is with Jesus. No more pain, no more suffering, he lives on, not in body, but in soul and spirit. And with that, I am assured of the hope that I will indeed see my best friend again.


Fyi, I've started a new blog to chronicle my journey with my daughter. As many are understandably concerned about us, I hope that this blog will help ease your concerns in any way possible. Do also continue to keep us in prayer as we journey forward.

Our Journey Forward — http://keep-on-pressing-on.blogspot.com/

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