Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Wake and Funeral

It's been 10 days since we put Min Ser's body to rest. I've never been to a burial before, but it was indeed poignant and for lack of better words... beautiful.

I am personally amazed and thankful at the amount of people who came to pay their respects the two nights of the wake and on the burial day itself. The entourage from the parlour to the burial ground was alike that of a VVIP, (of course he was a VVIP to all who knew him) datuk, or menteri. Ok, so maybe I've never personally seen an entourage for a datuk or menteri, but yeah... the line was really long. Sitting in the van behind the hearse, looking back, I would conservatively say there were 20 cars and 2 buses following behind. Amazing.

The burial ground was really green and peaceful, and his plot is in between two shady trees. We paid our last respect, and then the coffin was lowered down. We placed flowers and a handful of gravel, and then his coffin was covered up. When the last cement slabbed was placed, my daughter started shouting "Daddy, daddy!" It's as if she was trying to warn him, or she was surprised, why are they covering daddy's box which he was sleeping in. Needless to say, that's when I really started crying. She still asks for daddy once in a while, but she doesn't make a fuss about it.

The two nights of wake services was really touching. The eulogies, the message, and the people who came. I could just sense the love, respect and admiration different ones had for Min Ser. It was a pity that the biggest hall was booked up for the two nights, and we could only get a small space (sitting 70) for the first night. So many people came, the crowd was from the small hall until the lift area. So sorry to hear that some families left as they couldn't hear or see anything plus it was stuffy and hot. For all those who came, but we didn't manage to see. Thank you, thank you, for coming.

During my eulogy, I shared a song written by Min Ser the time we were in hospital.
As many people have asked for the song, I'm sharing the lyrics here.

In His Wings (based on Psalm 91)
Written 29th May 2014

There is a place
Dwelt by the LORD Most High
Where He is near
A fortress and a refuge

A secret place
For those who trust in Him
A place of peace
Right within His shadow

When fear knocks at the door
When darkness closes in
When troubles come as floods
When hope cannot be seen

Do not be afraid
Do not be dismayed
His truth shall be my shield
Through night and the day
His praises I'll sing
There is safety in His wings

You say... "Set your love on Me"
You say... "I'll deliver you"
You say... "Set your love on Me"
You say... "I will answer you"
You say... "Set your love on Me"
You say... "I will comfort you"
You say... "Set your love on Me"
You say... "I will satisfy you"

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