Friday, 9 August 2013

Day +10

He still finds it very painful to drink. Impossible to swallow solids. He'll still be on TPN (the 'milk') today.

The pain was quite unbearable last night and this morning. So this morning, doctor raised the morphine level to 1.7 ml from yesterday's 1.5 ml. She did mention that his white cell counts are going up causing inflammation which explains the added pain.

He also had a fever of 38C. After taking Panadol soluble and the increased morphine dose, the pain is now more tolerable.

Well, thankfully there is one good news for today. His white cell counts are going up.

Today vs (yesterday's) counts:
WBC: 0.4 (0.1)
HB: 7.9 (7.5)
P: 21 (34)

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