Monday, 5 August 2013

Day +6

He's still in pain. Mucositis is at a severe grade 4. Morphine now at 1.2 ml per hour (max he can take is 2ml) but trying to avoid having a higher dose as it can cause nausea.

Dr Chang mentions don't have to eat or drink. Milk, water and meds can be given intravenously.

For some reason, I find the concept of milk given intravenously highly intriguing. Vitamins are added to a huge (biggest I've ever seen) IV bag of milk (maybe ensure?). Total 1206 ml, 800 kcal, which will be given over a span of 12 hours.

His platelet count is low, cracked and dry lips starting to bleed. Platelets to be transfused once ready. He managed to sleep off most of the day but he's now playing a video game on his laptop.

Today's counts:
WBC: 0.2
HB: 8.6
P: 18

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