Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Day +8

Not much progress since the last update. He's not in more or less pain, pretty much status quo. He did feel like drinking juice and soya yesterday, but not today.

He is still being given 'milk' via IV. Yes 'milk' within quotation marks. When you ask a nurse "what is that" and she says "susu" apparently she doesn't literally mean milk. I don't think it's safe to inject real milk directly into a person's blood stream. It was probably the most convenient answer which doesn't require too much explanation.

Anyway, I did more research and the accurate solution he is being given is TPN Kabiven. TPN for Total Parenteral Nutrition. It contains a balance of various substances like amino acids, dextrose, lipids, etc. It should be enough to sustain even if he doesn't want to eat or drink. He will be on TPN for another next two days if needed.

Today's Counts:
WBC: 0.3
HB: 8.2
P: 32

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