Thursday, 15 August 2013

Discharged on Day +16

Just posting to inform all that Min Ser has been discharged from hospital! Yay! We just arrived home a couple of hours ago. I am so so so elated it's just before our baby Jo's 2nd birthday this Sat!

His blood counts showed good signs of improvement and he can eat solid food and swallow his medication.

He still feels tired and weak but he is overjoyed to be out of hospital. Truly it is a huge milestone to be fit for discharge post transplant.

We will continue to go back to hospital every Monday and Thursday for the next 2.5 months for follow up. During that period he will have to avoid going to crowded places.

He also has to take cyclosporine (anti rejection tablets) at the same time everyday for the next 5.5 months. We chose 10am and 10pm. Very important! So we've set multiple alarms to help remind us.

So yeah, it is a relief to have passed this stage, praying that the worst is over. We are truly grateful for all the prayer support and words of encouragement, and are truly thankful to God for having brought us thus far!


  1. very blessed to hear this very piece of news! may God's love keep overflowing!

    kheng yee

  2. Am really happy to read this news and especially the part Min Ser can see Jo for her second birthday. Saw some pictures are they are really nice. Reading this blog is tough but still it spurs us to pray and trust God to sovereignly move his hand.

  3. Thanks Kheng Yee, Ps Wah Lok,

    Yes, it was tough but God has been so good throughout. And it was especially great to be in time to celebrate Jo's birthday together!