Friday, 2 August 2013

Day +3

He is starting to have mucositis - inflammation in the GI tract, resulting in ulcers on the tongue, mouth and throat. No treatment, just pain killers if he cannot take the pain. He also needs to observe proper and frequent oral hygiene and drink lots of water. He now finds chewing discomforting. So will eat softer food starting tomorrow.

He also had one episode of bad diarrhea and slight vomiting this afternoon. But overall he is not weak. He still moves around the room on his own and doesn't have to lie down.

Though this is all expected effects of radio and chemo + post transplant patients, we were hoping he may be spared the worst of it. So yups, praying the ulcers go away really soon.

Today's counts (down trend overall):
WBC: 0.2
HB: 8.7
P: 60

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