Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Back To Hospital

We enjoyed our break, and now it's back to the hospital. These past few days have been spent in and out 3 hospitals. I feel like I've become so familiar with the different ones.

Monday was SDMC for 2nd PET Scan (results should be out by tomorrow or day after). Min Ser was initially planned to be admitted on Tuesday to Ampang Hospital and to be sent to Selayang Hospital the day after.

But we were informed that there were no beds available till Wednesday so we were requested to go to Selayang on our own, yet we still had to go into go into Ampang Hospital on Tuesday to get official letters and a precautionary blood test. Thankfully his blood counts are ok. The concern was that if his platelets were low, he would require platelet transplant before the stent removal procedure the next day.

So yes, 3 different hospitals, 3 days in a row. Today's procedure in Selayang was to remove the plastic stent that was placed in Min Ser's obstructed bile duct in March. (The very obstruction that started the whole chain of events). Good news, there is no longer any obstruction in the bile duct (sign that that particular tumour has shrunk or died?) though the lesion at the duodenum is still visible, but smaller. Looks like only the PET scan results will show a clearer picture of how the tumours responded.

Tomorrow a bone marrow sample will be taken, and once the results are consolidated, the team of doctors will decide on the 3rd cycle chemo regime.

Going into this cycle with more confidence and experience. Really thankful that the past two cycles though tough, it went relatively well. Praying that this cycle will go smoothly as well, and that any residue anomalies will be completely exterminated.

So thank you all family and friends for your constant support, prayers, encouragement, and delicious food! We really appreciate your love and we know this journey would have been a lot tougher without you.

Also want to thank God for blessing us with good doctors. Throughout the different hospitals, we have met and been treated by so many caring, knowledgable and experiences doctors. It's really comforting to be in such capable hands.

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