Saturday, 25 May 2013

PET Scan results

On a high note, Monday's PET Scan result shows extramedullary tumours have reacted to chemo. The high activity areas (tumour areas) now show normal activity except for 2 areas with slight activity (but report did mention that it could be due to inflammation).

In short, the tumours found in different parts of his body in the first PET Scan have pretty much disappeared (broken down).

This third round of chemo will ensure a more thorough wipe before the next stage that is the bone marrow transplant.


  1. Yay!! Good to know the treatments are working. Hope Min Ser's feeling better. We'll keep on praying...

  2. Thank you for the update in your blog Jen, you don't know me but I do you!
    Please tell MinSer his 3rd uncle from Canada is sending his best wishes, you all are in my thought.
    Get well slowly but steadily, and please tell me where can you get mee goreng, mee rebus and such, really missing those great food in PB! May be one day we will enjoy them together!