Thursday, 2 May 2013

Platelet Transfusion Reaction

Min Ser has had two platelet transfusions this week (the forth since the first cycle). One on Tuesday evening and one this morning. His platelet counts were low Tuesday morning along with two occurrences. A broken blood vessel in his right eye since Monday night (part of his eye is blood shot red, though it doesn't hurt or affect his vision, it will take a few weeks to disappear completely) and his gums were bleeding slightly before tranexemic asid was administered followed by the first platelet transfusion. He was weak and tired but felt much better after Tuesday's platelet transfusion.

Doctor's have mentioned it before, but today's transfusion is the first time he's experiencing a reaction. After the transfusion his temperature started shooting up after noon. He was shivering and it subsided after his 1pm paracetamol dose but started again around 5.30pm and subsided again after a 2nd dose. His fever climbed from 37.9 (noon) to 40.3 Celsius (evening). After the shivers he felt like his whole body was burning. Poor dear, he is finally asleep now. Temperature now at 38.7. Nurses say nothing to be given besides paracetamol and drips. He just have to drink more fluids and apply Coolfever until his temperature comes down. Hope this fever will pass quickly.

Today's blood count (before platelet transfusion)
White blood cell (WBC): 0.2
Platelets: 37
Hemoglobin (HGB): 7.8

Normal Counts
WBC: 4.25 - 10.25
P: 150 - 400
HGB: 13 - 18

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