Friday, 3 May 2013

Under Observation

Seems like his fever is under control. Within the 37C range. A blood culture was taken to see if there are any signs of infection. He is under antibiotics (Tienam) and soon to be on anti fungal (ampho B) as well.

A new observation, it seems he may have developed an allergy to Tazocin (antibiotic). We discovered this when Tazo was administered around midnight via drip and he experienced shooting pain in his left arm (felt like his nerve) from the tips of his fingers to his shoulder. Pain level 8 (1 - 10). This was not the arm where the needle was inserted. We quickly switched off the drip and the pain subsided. It is a rare side effect and to be on the safe side he won't be prescribed Tazocin anymore.

Tomorrow his blood counts will be checked, so as of today just rest while on drips.

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