Monday, 6 May 2013

The Healing Process (end of second cycle)

We were given the go ahead for Min Ser to go home today. Which came as a pleasant surprise. This means he is done with the second cycle!

A PET scan is scheduled for 20/5 (Mon) to see how the extramedullary tumours have responded to two cycles of chemo. He will then be readmitted to Ampang Hospital, 21/5 for the third cycle of chemo. His stent will be scheduled to be removed in Selayang Hospital a few days after admission.

I would say the second cycle was somewhat tougher on him. Theoretically it was expected due to the higher dose chemo, but experiencing it is a whole different matter altogether. He went through extreme weakness and lost of appetite, pain, as well as two bouts of very high fever. There were days when he seemed so well, and then the next day he would be very lethargic and weak. The ups and downs were sometimes gradual, and at times quick and extreme. I am reminded that the process of healing and recovery takes time and patience, with it's ups and downs. It is human nature to want good things to come about fast and instantly. But oftentimes, patience is needed.

Inevitably, I can't help juxtapositioning our experience with what our country is going through now. The aftermaths of what some call the closest election in Malaysian history may seem bleak now, but in due time, I believe that true reconciliation, healing and recovery will come to pass.

Upon reflection, spending so much time in the hospital has truly blessed us with the opportunity to be thankful for what the present government is doing (not to say an alternative government would do any less). I have to commend the awesomeness of the team of doctors and nurses in the haemotology ward in Ampang Hospital. Their experience, quick action, plus their care and concern, rivals (in some area surpasses) any private hospital we've been admitted to. I see this care given indiscriminately to every Malaysian from various backgrounds. I think this is because there is a clear sole purpose, and that purpose is to see healing take place.

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