Monday, 18 March 2013

Blood Counts Dropping

First round of chemo IV drips ended last Saturday. Now it's the wait for Min Ser's blood counts to drop, which has already started. It is expected for his counts to be at it's lowest on Tuesday to Thursday. This will last for a week or so before it starts picking up again. Once that happens and his counts are back to normal, he would have officially 'survived' the first cycle (induction) chemo.

As of today he is feeling very weak and tired. He has a really bad headache (couldn't sleep last night). This could be due to last week's lumbar puncture. But doctor's are monitoring this development as well, as the chemo drugs given were strong enough to penetrate the Central Nervous System and the brain. Besides that, he also has slight diarrhoea.

I'm praying that he will recover from these ailments and that he may be able to rest well this next couple of weeks.

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  1. Praying for Min Ser and you every single day. Thanks for the updates. It helps us be more specific with what to pray for as well :)