Friday, 29 March 2013

Still In Hospital

Min Ser is still in hospital with fever on and off. Today was at a high of 38.9. Prob due to some form if infection. Doctor's are taking great precautions to prevent any complications by administering high dose anti bacteria and anti fungal meds on top of the usual panadol.

Let's pray that the fever subsides completely as he is feeling quite uncomfortable due to it.

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  1. Min Ser, Jen Ling and Sue Min, have been praying for you all to experience God's healing and comfort during this period of dys-comfort. May you know the "peace" and "healing" of our Lord.

    In the thunder and rain, a few minutes ago, around the time, Jesus breathed His last, many years ago, I felt the echo of, "It Is Finished" sweeping over all our sins, pains and dys-ease. May the Holy Spirit, strengthen you all. Will keep on praying.