Thursday, 7 March 2013

Chemo First Cycle

Dear friends and family, Min Ser will start his first cycle of chemo tomorrow morning. The first cycle (induction) is the toughest and most crucial.

Each cycle for Min Ser consists of one week of treatment. And second and third week of monitoring and recovery. After the first week he will have low counts of white and red blood cells and platelets. So that's when he will be vulnerable to infection or bleeding.

If all goes well, he will be allowed home for one week, before starting the next cycle the week after.

Please pray. For specific points please refer to the side bar link on 'prayer requests and needs'. Thank you.


  1. Get Well Soon Min Ser. Be Strong.

  2. Prayed for you guys last night at cell. Take care

  3. Hi, my name is Wilson from FGT 365. My sister, Elayne is a leukemia survivor. I would like to offer my family's advice and experience. My contact can be found if you ask Lame. Be strong at this hour of need.