Tuesday, 5 March 2013

We have moved...

... to a two bedded room! :)

The nurse came in an hour ago and said "Tan Min Ser, pindah bilik (shift room)". I asked "sekarang (now?)" "ya".

I can't imagine how we managed to collect so much stuff in our one quarter space since yesterday. But we shifted everything. Our food, clothes, bags, folding plastic chair, p1 modem... and the nurses rolled over the bed to the new room.

Aunties and uncles were so cute. They were so curious. "oh, pergi mana? (Where are you going?)". One aunty even came to peek at our new room. "zhe pian hau ar. (This room is nice.)"

It IS nice. More spacious and definitely more quiet.


  1. dear Jen Ling & Min Ser, will be praying with you always. His mercies are new everyday! God bless!

    Kheng Yee

  2. Yay! Celebrate all good changes!

  3. Hi Mins, i just heard today. Our prayers are with you. May the strength of our mighty God be in you as you battle this. Love, Peter & Ching Hui.

  4. Our tutor group is storming heaven for you guys every Tue and Friday! May the Lord be the strength of your hearts. Lot of love, Rich, Louisa, Rachel, Josh and Sarah

  5. Ya, glad to hear that, God is with you and Min Ser all the time. Rest well. Hugs.