Tuesday, 12 March 2013

PET Scan Results

Dear friends and family,

This is Min Ser, decided to contribute to the blog too - Jen Ling is out getting lunch for us. It's day 5 of  my first cycle of chemo here in Ampang hospital.

PET scan results came back yesterday - not too encouraging, at it showed signs of abnormal cells in my back vertebrae and sternum area.  Consistent with the back aches I have been having for the past month.  The PET scan report suggests chloroma could be developing in these regions as well.

Just to be safe, the doctors will perform a lumber puncture this afternoon to extract some spinal fluid to run some tests.  At the same time, they will administer some chemotherapy straight into my spinal column to protect my central nervous system.  Apparently the needle is small (er) these days...we'll wait and see if that's true or not =)

Doctor mentioned the next 2 cycles of chemotherapy will be stronger and more intensive - we all were under impression that the first was the strongest, but apparently not so.  Maybe because of the PET scan results?  It will be a different regime (not DA 3+7), but I don't know the details yet.  The chemo should be strong enough to break down the various tumors; there are options for radiotherapy if there are some persistent ones.

To be honest, was a bit down when I saw the PET scan results - even the nurses mentioned I 'nampak kurang ceria'.  I guess the flurry of unexpected negative news is hard to handle. 

I woke up this morning feeling God saying 'Trust Me' - it was a night of random dreams and half-sleep, but was good feeling His assurance...all things are still in His control.  There was a chorus in my head 'When mountains fall, I'll stand, by the power of Your hand...'.  God knows how to encourage and He remains a BIG God.

Looking at JoJo's pictures cheers me up a lot too - hope I can see her soon.

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who is praying and sending us your encouraging words of support.  I have never felt so blessed by so many people before.

And also to those who are taking the time and effort to cook for me - just a request here to give me standard Malaysian food, no need for 'bland sick person diet' =)

My care-givers by my side (my wife, sister and cousin) are true heroes.

We'll keep pressing on...

Min Ser
p.s. Jen Ling just came back with roti telur - puji Tuhan!