Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Intensifying Chemo

Lumbar puncture results were out today but results were inconclusive. It showed signs of cancer cells in the spinal fluid but that could be a result of contamination from blood cells which also was found in the sample.

To be on the safe side, Dr Chang and his team has agreed to intensify the chemo beginning tomorrow to ensure it is strong enough to purge any potential cancer in the spinal cord and brain.

They will also prescribe antibiotics and anti fungal medication since the intensified chemo means a longer recovery period. This is done to reduce risk of infection during this stage. Dr Chang recommends that the HLA typing be done ASAP to find a suitable bone marrow donor. Min Ser's sister, Sue Min will be coming in tomorrow morning for the test. If no match is found we will proceed to check International Donor Registry.

Do keep praying for the treatment to go as planned and for Min Ser to be infection free in the next two weeks.