Thursday, 7 March 2013


Min Ser is undergoing a PET (positron emission tomography) scan right now. PET scans can help show up a cancer. This will help docs to ascertain if the cancer has formed anywhere else besides the 2 areas already identified (duedenum & bile duct).

It is rare in Leukemia patients for tumours to form outside the blood (extramedullary). Even rarer for it to form first before showing in the blood. Like in Min Ser's case. Thus this scan is deemed important to undergo before chemo starts.

This scan was initially arranged to be done in Putrajaya Hospital. But we were told yesterday that the earliest slot available was 13/3. A whole week later. Any earlier would be subject to cancellation. We were advised to do it earlier in SDMC.

It turned out well too as his bone marrow sample slides are here in SDMC, and if not prepared and collected today, I'm not sure how much longer it would have taken to get from the lab here to the lab in Ampang Hospital. When I went in to the lab to check this morning, apparently a request for his slides has not been made yet. Sigh, and I thought the request would have been made Monday itself, if not Tuesday. It is always proven true that it's important to inspect what we expect.

On a lighter note, I would like to mention that we travelled here in an ambulance! It was quite exciting. Min Ser is still mobile so he didn't have to sleep on the stretcher. We left Ampang hospital at 7am and arrived right on time at 7.30am. The ride was bumpy, no suspension, the seats felt like it was going to fly off. Almost like an amusement ride, but sometimes more exhilarating than amusing. The driver drove like I would expect an ambulance driver to be driving. If it was a life and death situation, I think I would have arrived on time.

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  1. Keep strong. Glad you have a lighter side despite all the stresses.