Tuesday, 26 March 2013

God is good...

Today I find richness in one cliché I used to find fun and cute in church. For instance when the worship leader or pastor shouts "God is good" and the congregation replies "All the time" and vice versa.

When we heard that Sue Min was a full match for Min Ser as a bone marrow donor, my first reaction was just "Wow!". I was hoping it and yet at the same time all I could feel was "Wow!".

So maybe 1 in 4 is not unlikely odds. But I was never one to feel "lucky" when it comes to odds and probability. I hardly 'tembak' correctly in a test even if it was down to C or D. And those were odds of 50/50. And both Min Ser and I have never ever won a lucky draw in our lives. Be it that awesome flat screen TV or even a RM50 Jusco voucher.

But this miracle makes up for all the lucky draw non-wins and unsuccessful exam 'tembaks'. This supercedes all those now superflous disappointments. This is exactly when I want the odds to be in our favour.

Truly truly "God is good all the time, and all the time God is good!"


  1. Congratulation!!!! I'm so happy for you!!! This is really a miracle or jackpot. Things will only get better!

  2. GOD is great as always.. keep praying.. I'm sure HE is listening to you.. PTL!

  3. Great news!! Indeed our God is GREAT! :-) More miracles on the way....Amen!

  4. Reading this post brought me tears of joy. This is truly good news and I'm so glad of your hubby's progress. For a few weeks deliver meals for my brother in law almost daily 6 years ago from Puchong to Hosp Ampang, was also diagnosed AML but sadly he didnt passed the 1st chemo. Keep your hope and faith strong. Continue sharing. We'll continue praying.