Saturday, 9 March 2013

Second Day of Chemo

It's been one day of chemotheraphy, administered through IV drips. So far so good, save for a few hiccups at the beginning. Chemo started yesterday afternoon with the first dose of Daunorubicin 60mg/m2 (red transparent liquid). He didn't feel comfortable. Slight numbness in the hands and it hurt a little. After changing to the second line (different area on his left arm), the feeling of numbness still persisted and his arm developed a slight rash. They injected something to help the rash and ice to apply on it. The line was changed to normal saline for a while, and they lowered the rate of the drips. After that it was ok.

After daunorobicin, nurses changed it to clear coloured cytarabine (Ara C) 1000mg/m2 for 12 hours. This will be the regime for the first 3 days.

As of this morning, he has experienced slight nausea (controlled with anti vomit meds) and slight lost of appetite. But this is to be expected. Overall, a good first day I would say.


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  2. I'm a friend of Sam Leong, he shared this blog.