Saturday, 2 March 2013

Raffles and SGH

We were in Raffles Hospital's Cancer Research Centre early this morning. We meant just to drop off samples for Monday's appointment. But while we were waiting, we were called in to see Dr Daryl. The latest info from yesterday's blood test clearer shows leukemia, thus there is no reason to do further biopsy on the samples we brought.

Our afternoon appointment with Dr Tien brought about the same remarks.

Today's appointments with Dr Daryl and Prof Tien affirms AML. A blood test done in SGH also shows that blasts in Min Ser's blood stream is now higher. This proves that the cancer is progressing quickly and we are advised to seek treatment ASAP. We asked if there was any new development for this type of leukemia in Singaopore, and apparently there isn't. It's still basic untargated chemo.

We thank God that Min Ser's appointment with Dr Chang at Ampang Hospital has been brought forward to Monday morning. A colleague of a friend is actually Dr Chang's brother, and that helped a lot. Truly we have been experiencing God's favour for things to fall into place so quickly and efficiently.  We'll be flying back tomorrow morning.

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